Ningbo Beilun HongXiang Casting co,Ltd was established in 1994 near Ningbo port.
Ningbo Beilun HongXiang Casting co,Ltd is a private die casting company.
Ningbo Beilun HongXiang Casting co,Ltd is a Professional manufacturer of die casting products and die casting mold
Office Hours:
Monday - Sunday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM (China Standard Time)
Facts About Ningbo Beilun HongXiang Casting co,Ltd:
> 180T/280T/400T/500T/800T/1300T/2000T die casting machines
> Three shifts, shorten production time
> ISO9001 Certification
Our customers use us because:
> Fast Die casting Part Production and Delivery
> Reasonable price
> We can in many cases Add value to our customer's products. Added value would be
secondary operations such as machining, powder coating, sand blasting, vibration,
painting, Polishing, assembly and packaging.
> we make new mold by ourselves, we have 24 years¡¯ experience of mold
making. So we can fix mold quickly once we meet problems in production.
> Good transportation, 15 mins by truck to Ningbo port.
> We use CMM and X-Ray to ensure our products¡¯ quality.

Ningbo Beilun HongXiang Casting co,Ltd produces parts for many customer types, we assists manufacturers who require aluminum&zinc die cast parts. These industries include: Automotive, Appliance, machine, Communications, Small engines, Garden, Housing, Transportation, Military, Lighting, white goods.
Please contact us if you have any enquiry, we will provide our offer at short time.